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Whom this program for:


Studying Gestalt will be useful not only for future psychologists, but also for everyone who wants to harmonize their life, find their way, and begin to better understand themselves and others.


During training, professional trainers will help participants to grow, to meet themselves, their feelings and desires, as well as to learn to cope with changing circumstances, to be more adaptive and socially adapted - and, ultimately, successful!


Gestalt therapy is one of the effective and widespread areas of psychotherapy in the world, which stands out among other areas with its huge theoretical and experimental base. Today, Gestalt therapy is successfully used in psychological counseling, in individual, family and group psychotherapy, as well as in areas such as education and business consulting.

The First stage of training in Gestalt therapy:

  • is the basic foundation of teaching Gestalt therapy;

  • takes place in the form of an educational and therapeutic group;

  • orients participants to personal and professional development.


The program is intended for:

  • psychologists

  • teachers

  • doctors

  • social workers

  • managers and employees of HR departments

  • and other professionals whose activities involve contact with people,

  • as well as for senior students of higher education institutions

  • and simply for everyone who is not related to the human psychology and who wants to work on their problematic areas of personality or relationships

start of training

November and December 2023


study schedule

  • 180 academic hours:

  • 9 two-day seminars (Saturday, Sunday) from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., once a month.

  • 6 three-day seminars (Friday, Saturday, Sunday): on Friday from 15:00 to 21:00, weekends - from 09:00 to 18:00, frequency - once every six months.

  • without registration! Mandatory personal attendance!


cost of education

  • The total cost of training at the First stage: 29 700 hryvnias 

  • The cost of one two-day module (with a schedule of 9 modules during the year):
    3 300 hryvnias 

  • The cost of one three-day module: 4500 hryvnias 


Additional Information

  • Pre-registration and 100% prepayment of the first class is required in advance, the number of places is limited.


  • You can make an appointment for an interview or ask a question by filling out the feedback form or by calling the numbers listed below.


  • Important!
    A diploma in psychology is not required to participate in the First Degree group.
    It is possible to join the group after an interview, there are no theoretical entrance exams.


  • If you decide to continue your studies, you must have a psychological, medical, pedagogical or sociological education for certification.

  • A possible option is when a student who does not have such an education decides to study psychology in parallel with studying at the Second stage.

  • To participate, you need to register, pass an interview, and make a 100 % prepayment for the first module.


certificate of completion of the program

At the end of the program, a certificate from the Kyiv Institute of Gestalt and Psychodrama is issued, confirming the participation and completion of training in the educational and therapeutic group of the First stage.

This certificate provides an opportunity to continue the professional educational program in Gestalt therapy at the Second stage.

The certificate meets European standards (EAGT) and the standards of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

According to the approved Procedure for improving the qualifications of pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical workers (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 800 dated August 21, 2019), this training can be recognized as advanced training.

You can see the resolution here.


Main topics of educational cycles

at the First stage of education 

  • Basic concepts of Gestalt therapy:
    needs as the main mechanism of development, awareness, figure-background, field theory, dialogue. Phenomenological approach in Gestalt therapy. Structure and features of gestalt work.

  • Theory of contact in Gestalt therapy.
    Contact boundary and creative adaptation. Methods of contact. Contact cycle. The main mechanisms for regulating the contact boundary.

  • Confluence.
    Differences between contact and confluence.

  • Introjection.
    Family values and family messages.

  • Projection. Forms of projection.
    Working with dreams and fantasizing in the Gestalt approach.

  • Retroflexion.
    Different forms of retroflexion. Work with psychosomatics in the Gestalt approach.

  • The emotional sphere of a person in the paradigm of the Gestalt approach.

  • Creative methods in Gestalt therapy.
    Basic principles of integration of art therapy methods with Gestalt approach.

  • Therapy as a creative process.

  • The theory of paradoxical changes.
    The concept of polarities in Gestalt therapy. Opposites and integrity.

  • Responsibility and choice in Gestalt therapy.
    Awareness and responsibility. Responsibility for one's own needs. Gestalt closing techniques. Completion of unfinished situations

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Anastasiia Yakhontova,

project manager

phone/viber 38 099 058 32 60


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